I hooked up with a girl last night (ONS).

As we were getting dressed she INSISTED on giving me her number. I was going to take it down, but she wanted to put it in my phone immediately, I told her wait a minute.

When she added herself as a contact, I saw a photo of her and a guy hugging. No big deal, she claims it was her brother. Then later that night she texts me "baby" an hour after I leave. I respond and she leaves me on read

Then an hour later she posts a status update of the same photo of her hugging her "brother" but it clearly wasnt because the caption was "I love you so much baby thanks for coming into my life!!!" with heart emojies

Just not sure what to make of this lol. Im not sure if she felt regret for hooking up with me, or if this is some weird shit test

But my SMV, or "sex game" isnt the doubt here.