I heard this quote in the new jurassic world movie. Are incels depressed cause they feel like theyre owed sex when really theyre in resistance to the fact that nature selected them out. I feel like we as human beings have the right to take control of everything when in reality we have just as much rights as the dinosaurs and other animals. Really certain people such as those with mental disabilities are rejected not out of spute and malice but because since we evolved we rejected the weak link in the tribe and those whose genetics would not create viable offspring. I feel like certain people with mental diabilities need to accept this and be okay with it. I having severe mental disabilities have been rejected alot and at age 25 ive learned and am continuing to learn to accept it and be okay with it. Basically realize youre not owed anything and if you have certain genetics certain things wont go well for you and you wont have access to certain forms of education or social circle and women and basically learn to accept it and be okay with it. Whata re your thoughts?