I have a FWB who I really enjoy spending time with. She's confessed having strong feelings for me and being honest I dont look at her as just a piece of ass to get off with anymore.

I'm definitely not just giving her the LTR upgrade just for that though. I still need to vet her more carefully and all that. I've started to notice that she's definitely acting more jealous about me spending time and sleeping with other women since she's essentially been monogamous to me now.

What it really boils down to is that I don't see my self ever being monogamous again. I see my life going forward being either being polygamous or in a one way open relationship. I no longer see the point of being faithful to one woman who will by her very nature constantly try to test and make you beta bucks because you've made some agreement where she's the only pussy you can have; meanwhile she can totally break it at any time because "muh empowerment" and all the meek losers in society agreeing that "it must have been his fault." I've seen first hand how competition anxiety makes bitches behave just to have the #1 spot.

She's flat out told me that "she's becoming less and less ok with sharing me." Clearly this is a shit test and I'm just going to play aloof for now but I know she's going to bring it up again eventually. I'm not changing my mind for her; did that for too many women in my early years and it got me nothing in return but pain and confusion. So she can get on board with my plan or she can dip.

I'm just trying to find a way to phrase it in womaneze so its not as jarring for her to hear. I'm not the kid of person who feels to be an asshole or needlessly hurtful unless it's necessary.