She [26F] is a 10/10, and every guy does whatever she wants. She was in love with me, but she would always try to manipulate me to see if I would cave and give her what she wanted. She likes having control over men, but I'm the only one she never could fully control. We had known each other for two years, and she would lose control over me, go nuts (block me and stuff), I wouldn't give a fuck, and then she would come back after 2-3 weeks.

We were getting pretty close again, but I always had my guard on because of the past until Monday, when she asked me for a financial favor where she would make some profit. I told her that I would do it if we both invested an equal amount and split the profit.

She refused and got mad. Finally, she told me, 'Nevermind, I will fix something else then.' I hadn't heard from her the next day, so I called her. She asked if she could see me. So I picked her up, and we fucked in the car. Then she tells me she is mad at me. I ask her why. She didn't want to say it to me first. But then she said to me that she got disgusted by my action. I tried to split the profit and didn't want to help her.

She was saying stuff like every guy does whatever I want, and you never help me out, which is bullshit. I help out, but not like every simp that puts her on a pedestal. This guy does this for me, and that guy does that for me.

I was so turned off by her manipulative actions that I told her we were not compatible and that I was putting an end to this. She got super mad and said to me that the moment she got out my car, I'm never going to hear from her again. She blocked me and deleted my number on the spot. I was laughing. She got pissed off and told me, 'Don't cry if you see me with someone else, and I will do whatever I want from now on.'

I stood up against her and she gets mad and acted like a child who didn't get what he wanted. I just found it disrespectful what she tried and i can't tolerate that behavior. She did this a lot.

Was i right to break up with her?