Is this a red flag? Seems like a shit test. But she doesn’t actually withhold sex it’s just sometimes I will throw in a joke about “I work out so I can throw you around the bed” and she will laugh but then say all I think about is sex or some variation of it.

Is this the old case of “watch what she does not what she says”?? She is a huge freak and I don’t take her serious at all, but sometimes I’m not sure if it’s a shit test or her being insecure that I’m being too alpha?

I would consider the actual withdraw of sex as a shit test. But This seems a little bit different? Can’t tell if it’s just girl talk or if she needs more comfort or if it’s indeed a shit test.

Not sure if I would consider it a red flag, either. But something to keep an eye on.

My main concern is that she is in the process of betafying me. In the same way that a girl will act like she’s not a slut to her husband.

But the thing is that we do extreme bdsm, so I do all these extreme things on her. So...?