For some Background I’m 24 and my ltr is 25. Sex is great. Let’s me do anything to her. Wants to please me. Has also taken 7 plan Bs as a result of me impulsively cumming in her raw. Always complains to me about how they make her feel And that she doesn’t like when she has to take them but obviously she lets me do as I please in the heat of the moment.

Always hold frame around her. Ignore passive aggressive comments. Set clear boundaries. Call Her out on bullshit. And she knows I’m willing to walk. There are times when I do drop frame and get sucked into her drama and it reinforces negative behaviour but overall the relationship is great and she spends money on me and buys me gifts, is affectionate etc.

Now last night the topic of exes come up and I keep it short and nonchalant without telling her much about my past. Then she tells me about how her ex that she dated for 10 months about 3 years ago was toxic and that was back when she was also toxic so they were toxic to each other (20 missed calls, breakups, gaslighting, manipulation etc). She tells me he was insecure and would always check up on her and wonder if she’s cheating and he’d take her on vacations. To me that seems like a hint of beta bucks but also someone that would create drama which would probably keep her on her toes.

She goes on to tell me that she was a scary person back then and used to manipulate men and they would manipulate her back etc. she goes on to say that she’s been working on overcoming those toxic traits and wants peace and stability now and the headache and paranoia and trauma was not worth it.

She then goes on to say that I do have moments where i can be toxic and hurtful but overall my demeanour is calm and collected and if we met back then she would find me boring and probably wouldn’t stick around. And then she claims there’s things that she let me do that she hasn’t let her exes do to her because with them she was just in it for the fun and didn’t see any long term potential.

She’s a graduated nurse now and makes good money. Is there any red flags in this conversation or anything that you guys noticed that I may not have picked up on through this interaction. For some background I’ve had my fair share of toxic relationships where I would manipulate and gaslight woman but I’ve outgrown that past. But for some reason a woman saying if she met me in the past she’d find me boring just doesn’t sit right with me.