Hey dudes

I've got a friend that I've introduced to some red pill thoughts but it's tough on him, he was very feminized during his upbringing and really hasn't had any traumatic experiences with women to wake him up.

He has a girlfriend that has a shit job, she's hottish but when she gets all the make up and shit she's hot, in an exotic kind of way, so she has decided that she was going to open an only fans, and that it would be just legs, no face, and intimate clothing only.

He agreed to it, I told him not to agree if he wasn't cool with it but he simps. I also told him that she would escalate when she started seeing the money ramp up, and her girls tits and pussy would be on the net, forever.

Now he trusted her. And what happened? She has posted a couple of nudes already.

So, he gives me this discourse that probably came from her of, she's not dating these dudes, it's good money for little work, her body her choice, etc.

I need to get through to him, because I know he's suffering. Can you please give me your best rationalizations of why this is fucked up in a monogamous relationship, things I can work with to talk to him.

I've told him, sexuality with other people is a big no in monogamy, at least open your relationship or whatever else you want to do. But no.