So I made friends with 2 powerlifters. Both were around 6'3 and 240lbs

I'm 5'10 but hit like train and am 217lbs. I can bech 225lbs for 3 on a good day.

We are both 19.


These guys gossip and constantly talk behind eachothers back. I'd tell one something and next thing you know the other one knows. One of them is marryied AT 19 and I was told by the other one physically abuses his wife. They act like childern and lack maturity contantly complaining about poltics.

I confronted them about this behavior and they denied it, said I was the problem, and the wife beater said he wanted to fight me. The guy who told me about the wife beater then proceeded to gaslight me saying "I never told you he beats his wife".

At first I was down to fight (I Box) but the guy is so stupid we were to fight I have to nearly kill him for him to end the fight and then there's going to prision after. So I talked it down.

They seemed cool when I first met them but they are incredibly insecure wannabe "Alphas". I'd post something cool on my insta story they send me a DM trying to passive agressively "One up me". and then eventually just were passive agressive in IRL.

So they're out of my life now. Thank god.

But I have an incredibly difficult time trusting anyone. Never really had friends growing up. More of a "Lone wolf". But I want to have friends.

However people will act all nice and friendly but when you go behind the curtain and address reality they lose their shit and show their true selves.

When in public all I see are actors.

Anyone have simular exsperience or any insights?

How to spot good friends?

TLDR: Any one have shit friends and then managed to find good ones?