Alright so this girl at my work has caught my attention for past week and I finally gained enough courage to go talk to her. She seems to be a shy girl and usually sits alone. I sat next to her during break and just told her I saw her when I was walking by and thought she was cute and wanted to come say hi. Her initial reaction was positive, she got shy and started smiling and laughing.

I took that as a good sign and just made some small talk. Asked her a little about work and what she like to do outside of work and what her hobbies are. She didn't really give me a lot to work with saying she just hangs out with her friends and doesn't really have any hobbies. Talked a little bit more and then I wanted to end the conversation and get her number. So I told her I needed to go meet a friend before break was over, but we should exchange numbers and continue this conversation later. She was down and gave me her number. I texted her a little after just saying who I was and she just replies with "hi". Is this a sign of low interest or is it not that big of a deal?

Also this is the part where I want to know If I played this right. So I got her number during first break, we have a 30 min lunch and another 15 min break after that. Even though the conversation wasn't much, she seemed to like me so I wanted to end the impression on a high note. And also leave a little mystery and not risk talking myself out of a date. Should I have hung out with her for another break period to build more comfort with her? Now that I think about it I didn't really tell her that much about myself.

What should be my next move? Should I text her for a bit and then ask her what her availability is for the weekend?

Also just a side note, as I was leaving the building we saw each other again as people were walking out the building, but neither of us said anything to each other. Did this make it awkward or am I just over thinking everything? Sorry for the long post and I appreciate any feedback