Currently 19 years old.

I am in the process of moving out of my house, whilst also buying furniture and starting a business. I am pretty much booked out for the basically all of this week and probably the first half of next week.

I haven't spoken to the girl I am currently seeing since the last time we went out which was almost two-weeks ago. Again, I will be pretty much booked out for the rest of this week and the majority, if not all, of the week after.

I normally just text girls to setup dates, however, I feel like it's bad to just ghost this girl for this long, especially this early on a relationship. I was wondering if you think I should send her a casual text just to balance it out and not make it seem like I am trying to avoid her or anything.

I also really do not have much time to plate women, so and FWB or LTR is the only realistic options I have, and only with a single woman at a time. I just don't want to stress out about balancing dates will multiple women and needlessly add more to my already full plate.

What is your guys' advice?