Alright Im going to try to keep this as concise as possible. I'm 28 and until a week ago I was a virgin. I recently switched office jobs and on my last day one of the girls who I had been working with helped take some stuff to my car. When I was done she grabbed my hand and placed it around her throat and verbatim told me "I want you to be my daddy."

At this point I'm still working on getting in shape, working on my frame, and wasn't even looking for pussy. But I'm almost 30 and life literally dropped kinky and submissive 18yo pussy in my lap. I clearly jumped at the opportunity, over the next week this chick stroked my ego to incredible heights and essentially worship the ground I walked on. She would text me how wet she was for me and how she couldn't wait for me to rail her out.

So far go good right? Yea bro you gonna get laid! yea!! Here's where the "issues start." Firstly this girl isn't really my type, I find her attractive'ish but honestly I would have probably never tried to bang her. I figured this was actually a good thing because I wouldn't be overly excited on my first time. Skipping the boring logistics part. I got her back to my place, I even managed to get and took a 25mg viagra pill on the advice of many post here to prevent "performance anxiety."

Honestly it was ok but not as mind blowing as I thought It would be, still happy that i don't have the virginitis curse hanging over my head anymore. She was super nervous and shy so I was in complete control of the situation which obviously helped a lot. However here's where the problems really start:

Even with the viagra I couldn't get properly hard, I got hard enough to get head and fuck but unfortunately I went soft 3 times. I kind of played it off and half cared and half didn't. It was like my cock was completely numb, when was getting blown I couldn't feel much even when she was swirling her tongue on my head. Then when I put a rubber on and went in her I couldn't feel anything. I don't think she was "loose" because when I went down on her It was a struggle to fit my ring and middle finger in her to finger her while I ate her out. Even with all my stumbles I made her cum six times the last two with penetration. She eventually finished me off by jerking me off and throating me but I'm still perplexed that could't stay hard. She told me that I was the first man to make her cum and that I was her best lay so I guess it's not all bad.

My Question is did any of y'all deal with something similar with new chicks or during your first time? I would go soft while stoking inside her but then when we were laying together and she was paying with my hair I would get hard again. I would have understood going soft if I would have been nervous and anxious but I wasn't; or I was doing a real good damn job of ignoring it because we were doing what I wanted, when I wanted, at my pace. Could it be death grip? or that I wasn't that into her to begin with? maybe the angle that I was going in her? I'm still baffled that as someone who's never dealt with any form of ED I could't stay hard even with viagra.

Luckily at this point she thinks I have good dick and god tier oral skills so she wants a repeat performance but I don't want to go soft again. I want to be able to properly fuck next time. I'll probably double up on the viagra and buy different condoms that are thinner. But clearly this is a stop gap fix and I'd rather get to the root of the issue as I've never needed a pill to get hard.