This is the essay, I have mentioned the paragraphs in my question, but if anyone wants to read the full thing, go ahead.

English is not my first language, So I have to sit with a dictionary when I read RP stuff lol.

  1. So, in the first line, he mentions to “think like a woman” as if I were in their shoes. So, if I am on a date with a chick, I have to imagine what she is thinking or feeling? like that?

  2. “ The man who can empathize with a woman’s frustrations will know better how to make her happy.” what does this mean? can i get an example? isn’t empathising with a woman beta?

  3. “ All the great seducers of history co-opted to some degree the psychology and the courting tactics of women. They used women’s psychological weapons against them.” I think I have read about “courting tactics” in TRM. Can someone link me to a more elaborate article on “courting tactics” so I can understand what they are and what they mean.

  4. “ The focus that a nerd brings to tackling a coding problem is the same focus that a guy should have when listening to an attractive woman speak. The trick is to do it with the distracted aloofness of someone not hanging on her every word.” This means I should listen to what a girl is saying attentively while (facially) looking like I don’t care what she is saying. Right?

  5. “To seduce women, you must seduce yourself first. You are the guy who will be everything she needs. How will you know what she needs? Get inside her head. Become her.” How can I seduce myself? How can I get inside her head? It’s the same as the first paragraph of the essay.

Kindly give me a detailed explanation, I’ll appreciate it.

Thank you brothers!