Not every girl wants a facial, and i know most guys want to unlock this with their girls. Anyways, on accident i stumbled upon this technique, and i even do it on ONS with a 100% success rate.

Heres what i noticed: Not all girls want the facial, guys dont know how to initiate the facial, guys awkwardly ask for consent and get ASD, guys awkwardly use inexperienced dirty talk where she will cringe at you, if a girl is interested maybe not on the first fuck. As you can see there are a lot of barriers to break down.

Heres what i did on accident, and do on purpose now. Its a shortcut cheat code, once you facial a girl she knows deep down you unlocked a bunch of other freaky things on the escalation ladder. Anyways what you need is a naturally dominant frame in the bedroom. You need to already have the basics down at the bare minimum with a dom frame.

As you are fucking her good, when you are close to cumming I would say about 50% of the way position her in missionary. After a while you will be nearly 90% about to cum. What you do is take your dick out and immediately kneel right over her chest my knees are usually right under the crook of her armpits. Put your dick in her mouth and start facefucking her as shes lying down, you are basically in the most dominant position possible. (I think in jiu jitsu its the most dominant position to be on top)

During the facefuck, pull out a few times and start jacking off staring at her tits or mouth/face. She will do two things: Look like shes glazed in lust with a dick in her face, or she will stick out her tongue and close her eyes. Either one is an invitation short of the hard "no!" which i personally have never received.

Start facefucking her again, now you know shes game. When you are 98% pull out and start jacking off, BAM facial. I have a near 100% success rate with this technique. Its a cheat code because once you facial a girl, you skip a few steps in the freak ladder, and you can do all of those things the next time you fuck her.