Now that the pendulum has swung in favor of women we have more and more men discovering red pill theory on their own via the internet. Just look at any dating app and you'll see so much entitlement on profiles you'll just go MGTOW and end up in red pill communities.

I think it's great to have other guys I can relate to on this level so that's a pro. I'm starting to see female supporters like Torshaa on youtube and Transformed Housewife, although they just kinda babble and don't contribute anything. So you kinda have this fracturing of the sisterhood between feminists and trad-cons

Anyway, yeah the guys who work out and get their stuff together get this big playing field with the top 10% of women and the other 90% are fat cows, psychos, or spinsters. What happens when 20% of guys are all in shape and it starts spilling over into competing for the undesirable women?