Last girl I was tryna bang was dtf for a while, but I blew it by waiting to long cus I was gonna wait till I could invite her to my house. I’m 16 and don’t have a car, and my family is always home so I was waiting till I had the house to myself. That took fucking forever and it ended up being too late. Looking back we coulda fucked in public, like at the park, or as some people suggested in the bathroom or smth… but I’m inexperienced and tbh I don’t even know how to suggest this or escalate to this… in my head it seems easiest to fuck at home so I figured I’d just wait for that. But that took to long. I wanna get more into TRP over the next year so I’m looking for alternatives to taking girls to my house. Or just how to fuck in public. I wanna find a consistent place I can take girls to bang… how do I do that in my situation?