I want to stop thinking about this girl I even blocked her on everything I seen her about a week ago (my last post) she said to my friend she wanted to see me when I was at my friends house, and then I made a complete fool of myself got kicked in the face, nose broken she rejected me obviously (this my former fwb we used to have sex very often), got so drunk and she showed me her screen saver with her and another dude.

So after I block her, a friend was supposed to come round and grab some keys, I was already with friends drinking beer and when my friend knocks on the door there she was with her new guy whose half my size I just wanted to annoy him and said I tried to get her pregnant(stupid I know). I handed over the keys and because I had been drinking beer I walk out after them to go fuck this up guy for coming to my flat, he knows (live in an apartment btw) and there’s even more people outside so in my head I just stopped and thought they’ve got more witnesses than me and went back in. And I drink more and get more drunk, I ended up sending this guy voice messages saying “I’m gonna fuck you up” “you disrespect me and your gonna get fucked”.

Ever since I just can’t stop thinking about her, I literally haven’t slept in 3 days.

Can someone give me some advice?