Hi brothers, I have no idea how to text girls outside of just having casual sex. I don't text any of my plates other than setting up a time / place to meet up, fuck, repeat. I want a more serious relationship right now, and I'm sure just texting to set up a time to fuck isn't conducive to building something deep.

I went out with this girl this past weekend and it was great. She seemed super into me: responded well to kino and even initiated touches, showered me with compliments (appearance and style), maintained strong eye contact, and even opened up a ton (saying that she's never felt more vulnerable before).

After the date, she texted me she got home and had an amazing time. I text that I had a nice time. The next day, she texts me a picture of her cooking, and I respond by saying her family is lucky and I want to try her food. Then radio silence for the next few hours until she tells me cooking together would be “so cute.”

For context, she has an exam she's studying for, so we penciled in a date toward the end of the month. I don't really care how long it takes her to get back to me, but given the span of time between now and our planned date, what do I do to keep this warm / engaged?

Any pointers would be huge.