So I made some friends at my community college and there happens to be some girls that they know who are also their friends. Before I continue, I want to say that all of the guys in this group aren't what you would call "Chads". I made a post about a month ago about how one super bad chick in the group was fucking this one guy who wasn't really the kind of guy to pull girls like that and I got kind of jealous but I moved on. Today, I find out that she's being sexual with another guy in our group who also isn't the best looking guy all because we don't give her attention which drives her nuts. I came to the conclusion that this girl WILL FUCK anyone that ignored her as I have been told by other guys that she is a massive cum dumpster. She even shit-tests me all the time to which I play it off like she ain't worth my attention. After hearing all the shit about her, I don't even think I want anything to do with her because she sounds mentally fucked beyond all repair.

Another girl in our group was OPENLY talking about sex. She's not even that good looking at all, but she has an ass which is the only thing saving her. Yesterday, she was telling my friend and I stories about how she bit this guy's dick and he liked it and how she likes fingers in her ass and all. I treated it like a shit test and told her "damn, you're a naughty girl ha ha". I also don't give her attention but she interupted our conversation and wouldn't leave. After we talked, she said her and I should smoke sometime. She has a boyfriend and she says that she's going to dump him for a handsome and juiced up army guy who is in boot-camp. Remember what I said, this girl is a SOLID 4 only because she has a decent ass (Latina) and she even drops me hints that she likes guys in my ethnicity.

The thing is, it all feels soo FUCKED. I mean, I like it when girls actually act feminine and at least a LITTLE respectful of themselves but these skanks make me feel kind of sick to my stomach. I've never met girls that were this openly sleazy and the sad part about it is, they actually think it's turning me on.

Also, I'm not very close with this group, I don't hang out with them outside of school because I have shit to do and I also don't like the vibe some of them give off both guys and girls. Am I wrong to feel this way?