2 Years out of High School. I want to make more friends and get invited to shit, but since I'm not in college anymore it's difficult to meet people my age. I tried putting myself out there via hobbies (MMA, Music, Part Time retail), but I haven't really made any acquaintances.

I realize that I need to provide something in order to get people to want to be around me. The thing is, I don't really know what I could provide. I just turned 20, am transitioning from being a college student to an electrical apprentice, and there isn't all that much for people to do in this town.

Looking at the big picture, I am just gonna save up for 2-3 years at home then dip. I have 5 buddies I've been great friends with since 1st-4th grade, so I know I have homies. The issue is, I want more. I want a breathing social life, but everything feels so static. I attribute this to Covid, but I am an attention whore and want to be around people. I also do not want to spend, and winter just started up here in Northern Jersey.

This is kind of a tough situation. I don't feel lonely whatsoever since I keep myself busy, but I want to meet more people and feel somewhat stuck socially.

Any suggestions?