Hey guys so recently i added a new plate. We have some of the most passionate sex ive had, lets me ravage her. Sucks my dick of course. Texts me back under within 1-5 minutes almost every time.

But recently last time i saw her she was on her phone in between rounds. We went for 3. Yeah we talked a bit in between, but it rubbed me the wrong way. But its also unrealistic to expect a girl to not be a normal human being, i think she was scrolling thru instagram and texting some people, as i know thats normal behavior for us younger generation.

She applied lube at the beginning of each round too, which she didnt do the first few times we had sex. But the sex is just as passionate, so im confused. Obviously when you look up "girl needs lube" on reddit a lot of feminists are like "INSECURE MANCHILD!! he mad she cant get wet haha." when guys get offended over that, so im just curious. I just get the whole patronizing "fat girls are beautiful, girl!" vibe when reading about the whole needing lube situation with girls commenting.

She knows i fuck rough and have lots of stamina, so i think its more about that, instead of her not being wet, but who knows. Am i being blind to the obvious and hamstering?