Context: Got out of an LTR recently. Was a nasty ending, didn't want to end it, but I did end it in pettiness. (woops, beta. lesson learned), and now she wont talk to me. Chilling.

Ive made it my life's fucking mission to never let oneitis hit me again, and that mission will be accomplished by meeting a metric fuckton of girls in 2022 and onwards.

I also have real, non female related life missions that I'm working on, let me make that clear lmao. But having girls around has been an undeniable boost to my life.

I "Loved" my ex, whatever that means. I truly enjoyed our experiences and our connection. I want to experience that with multiple girls as to stay clear of oneitis.

I want plates, but with genuine connections, so I've realized I need to just meet so many girls. I won't just fuck anything, I really need to have a genuine attraction and genuine connections. Much more fulfilling.

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do though in order to efficiently speed meet girls.

What I am currently doing to meet more girls...

1) On 2 online dating apps. Tinder & Bumble. 2) Reddit (some subreddits for meeting) 3) Meetup.com (The App to join events and groups for meetups) 4) The Gym

1) OLD has been trash. I am handsome, but I just don't have the right pictures as I have steered clear of all social media. I have NEVER had success with online dating due to that reason. I just simply don't get enough quality matches. I could easily chat up the 4s and 5s but I will never budge on attraction. 7s+ only.

For example, a 4 hit me up first "Meatball, or Angus?" and I replied "Meatball Angus, topped with a lil parmesan, melted to perfection. It's really that simple"

she replies "I mean, what else could you ask for?" then I just ghost because she's a 4 lmao..

I already know to work on getting the right photos so thats incoming. Are there other apps people suggest for online dating? I expect I'll need to sign up to 3-5.

2) Reddit. Surprisingly my best way since my breakup to just talk to girls, have had 2-3 girls a night message me and we start talking / sharing pictures. Here are the stats.

6 posts over 6 days. 9 girls have messaged me over those 6 days. 8 of them are literally 3s and 4s (89%) 1 of them is a 7, personality seems like an 8, aspirations and life work are a 10.

the 7, I actually have spoken to on the phone a few times and we have plans sometime in the next few weeks to hang for some dinner (busy schedules)

I just ignore the 3s,4s, sorry, sue me.

So I'll just continually do this as part of my daily routine.

3) Meetup app, it might just be my area, but it seems like a cock fest. I don't mind meeting new guy friends, but like, I have so many lmao. Also, the only popular events in my 50 mile radius are soccer meetups (which I attend) but that's a 99% guy to girl ratio. Which is fine, love soccer.

4) I've been going to my gym for years, haven't seen regular girls that I am interested in, might need to move closer to the city and join a new gym in order to meet more people this way..

5) ??? Any Ideas? I really value meeting people in person, not online dating. I do have hobbies, I participate in soccer/ jiujitsu, but its 99% guys. I need a hobby that i'll genuinely enjoy, but with a 50% ratio , not 99%.. any ideas?

I'm telling you guys, my social goal right now is to literally have 5-10 SOLID genuine connections by the end of next year. What else can I do?