I've approached girls and I've noticed that there are two types of women:

One: super giggly, smiley, happy that I approached and engaged in our conversation.

Two: "Uhhhh... ok.... we can talk right now.... I guess... whatever"

I recently started approaching and I almost immediately don't want to talk to girls who have the vibe of the second girl. They don't smile, they can be talkative but aren't very responsive to my flirting and it goes over their head, and they seem kind of... bored. I've read in the original RP sidebar that this could be a "shit test" but I beg to differ because if a girl WAS interested and WANTED my attention, why the fuck would she not be happy when she got it? I get it, some girls can be shy and or maybe not used to guys talking to them in person but what the fuck?

I usually find these