Hey there. Long time lurker, just starting my journey in TRP. Reading through the sidebar. Obvious to me I need to upgrade my LMS and work on Game. There’s plenty of questions I have and advice I am seeking, but this specific question is about financial. Currently I am 28, have 0 in savings, and make roughly 30k a year. Yeah it sucks. I went to school because it was paid for but got a Communications degree that I haven’t used since I walked out of the doors. I’m looking to get into a career that has a better potential for a wealthy future. I’ve been working through an online course for learning web software development (HTML, CSS, JS), but I’ve read several things about the oversaturation of the market. I guess my question is - is this a viable option? Should I go a different direction? I’m pretty good at what I’ve learned so far, but I want to find the quickest path to making more money that I can. It is a little overwhelming when looking at the massive shifts I need to make in my life. Currently a virgin… at 28… embarrassing. But moving to change this obviously. Thanks in advance for any input.