Hey TRP, thanks for everything you guys do.

I have a 4.7" nonbone pressed erect length unit, I know I'm fucked for life, as women will always prefer a Chad with a bigger unit (even if I embrace it, become the best version of myself, ripped, make bank, etc).

I just would like to find someday what is the red pill cure/heal to this shit, because the red pill is the only thing that always told me the truth even when I didn't like to read/know it.

After so many months of research, and contacting people everything points to this idea: I'm genetically pre-destined to be the cuckold beta bucks idiot that won't be able to become Chad ever in his fucking existence, seems like I will have to marry a hoe that will hold sex from me (being her beta stupid, to compensate for my fucking dick), this would be the only opportunity to be close to having a 'good life' (sex, women, etc), and we all know how this will end anyways.. so looks like there's no way to live with this shit.

So, what's the way to deal with this? Is there even 1 red pill way to beat this illness? Or I'm just completely fucked?

Please be honest, even if the truth hurts, and thanks again