I saw this post 7 hours ago and decided to share my wisdom about penis size.

If requested -- I will edit my OP and post "before pictures" 3 hours after this post is published but here are the "after" pictures where my BPEL (bone-pressed erect length) is 7.85" but I round up to 8 inches:

Penis pic 1: https://i.imgur.com/R3gxkli.jpg

Penis pic 2: https://i.imgur.com/94uruty.png

It doesn't matter to women because if your penis is large or small if they love you or are into you because of "the halo effect":


The halo effect is the tendency for positive impressions of a person, company, brand or product in one area to positively influence one's opinion or feelings in other areas. Therefore if a woman loves you (or is heavily into you) then she will love everything about you even if it's objectively below-average!

Proof of halo effect in action: https://i.imgur.com/o0v4xfB.png

In the above screenshot, I was given permission to show Keyla my first dick-pic and I asked her if it's okay if my penis is small and she said it's fine. (because of the Halo effect which is a real thing)

Proof that if a girl loves you, she will love your dick also: https://i.imgur.com/ScpCtuu.png

I still wish my dick was 10", and compared to porn stars, my dick is small and due to the fact I'm 6'4" my dick looks small on my body.

A woman's biggest sex organ is her brain!

Lastly I have a large penis but I wasn't good at sex until I read "Sex God method" free pdf on google!!! YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THAT PDF IMMEDIATELY IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!!!

TL;DR: The "Halo effect" negates penis size because women are emotional creates not logical creatures!