I am a romantic man, I feel emotions intensely, I am sensitive to the world. I love poetry, cry listening to music feel empathy for characters in novels. Despite being seemingly effeminate, these attributes help my creativity, my music compositions, my writing. They help my study of philosophy and my motivations. And, as an amateur boxer, they help me train with a fire like no other.

But I understand they can manifest negatively if I cannot learn to control them. Depression, anxiety, mood swings, I've experienced it countless times before.

As I became rp aware and "alpha'd up" so to speak, my confidence improved, so too did my frame, but my romantic intuitions have remained hopelessly intact. What did improve greatly however, was my ability to control the chaos of emotional depth, and return to rationality when the emotions begin to spiral out of control.

To what extent should I hide these proclivities infront of women? I personally embrace my depth of feeling and often make this clear to the women I am around. I give the impression that I am emotionally in-touch whilst having a calm control over my emotions. I often talk to women romantically, use poetic language and buy gifts. Despite this I have never pedestalized them, retain abundance, and also retain an iron frame. I know that showing emotion is weakness, and that the neanderthal types seem to do best with the women, so would I get more success hiding the fact I am emotionally aware?

TLDR; Is being romantic and showing emotion faggy if you are still retaining an iron frame? I show all my romance through a sexual/flirtatious frame. I'll often burst out with some cringy romantic bullshit, usually the girl is shocked, sometimes she has a puzzled face, either way I find it amusing.