information on the topic that interests me is rather scarce and I was wondering if anyone else had similar observations as I do.

Situation: in a LTR for 3,5 years. The girl is hot, fit, loyal, has still some time to go until she hits the Wall (24), the sex is great, she's not a drain on the wallet and she actually has things she does in her life. I did my best to use the knowledge found on TRP to not f**k it up, especially i'm sticking to the Iron rules of Tomassi. She's been on the pill for 2 years now. I also use condoms all the time (IRoT #5).


I'm starting to observe a shift in her personality. Back in the day when we hooked up and for the first year, she was a kind of a metalhead girl that was attracted to adventure and averted to marriage and having kids. Her stories were all about dangerous situations and unconventional people. She liked to roam in abandoned buildings. She wanted to make a motorycle license. We used to attend weird political events, both right-wing and left-wing (political science being our common hobby). She was really into metal concerts and music festivals (check out Poland's Woodstock/Pol'And'Rock festival). Basically, she was always happy to spend time in some active way. That was what made her attractive in my eyes.

Right now, it becomes difficult to even take her on a walk. We used to ride a motorcycle together and still sometimes ride (her as a passenger), she liked it, but nowadays she's less and less enthusiastic about it and starts to give signals about being "scared", despite not giving sh*t about safety at first (it was me who was forcing protective gear on her). When I say I want to go on some trip or to a festival her first thoughts are about sanitary conditions and if she will have the possibility to properly wash her hair. Urban exploration is becoming "irresponsible". Her dream job is now working at a desk in a public sector. She started to attend some catholic meditation group, began volunteering by helping elderly people, her political views became more defined in place of previous open-mindness and ambiguity, and in her stories she began to mention small kids that are "funny". A few months ago she mentioned that she would like to have at least 2 kids. Her clothing became more timid. Her prime idea for spending time together is staying home, cuddling, sex and playing World of Warcraft.

People change, and if it's genuine then there's no point in trying to stop it. At this rate I'll just dump her at some point, but could it be the pills? On old Reddit forums I found like 2 articles that suggested that taking pills basically tricks the female organism into thinking it's pregnant (prolactin at the work), and thats's what shifts their attitude towards caution, stability and safety. On the other hand, there are articles that supposedly disprove this claim, and others that say that the biggest change is usually reduction of sex drive, which in case of my LTR is a bit lower than before, but still high.

Has anyone here observed anything similar? Is it a young woman changing as she grows up or can it be the pills messing with her head? I could just ask her to stop taking them and check, but having some more knowledge before I start experimenting on people would be cool.

TL;DR: Can hormonal contraception cause a big shift in female personality, from adventurous, active and open-minded to stay-at-home, cautious and conservative?