So I have been digesting the information on this site and have been putting it in practice. Anyways I see this girl and i fuck her outside she sucks my balls and i cum in her mouth. However when i tried to fuck her again she said its too cold.. basically denying me. I kept trying but she wouldnt budge.

I know i fucked her good because she was wet and screaming and cummed on my dick.. she claimed my dick hurt her ( i am well endowed) and it was too cold to fuck. She has been messaging me non stop about how i fucked her 'so good' and how she cant get over how i fucked her, and that she wants me to do it again, even sending me nudes. However, why did she reject me when i made a move? She kept trying to hold my hand after and kissing me repeatedly (trying to betafy me ). Its confusing me because the vibe was off