edit: not even really a question tbh

extremely hot sloot like 9/10 minimum but also a million red flags; would never ever in a million years ltr but would be horny af to have a turn on the bike ya feel.

met once a while back now w my dog (have my dog on tinder) for a quick walk jjust like in between class but she didn’t really give me proper attention/follow up on meeting again. i proceeded to alpha the living fuck out of her on snap (ignore all her thirst traps, leave her on read, take hella long to reply/leave on read reply hella later etc). little by little the longer i’d take to reply, the faster she would reply. the less i reacted to her the more she would react to me.

i casually sprinkle some light flexes on my story every now and then of some boujee ass shit. Viola now she’s all “i’m in love w ur dog” and coming over this week to actually fall in love w my dong.

mid 20s in college w a dad bod vs movie status dime 21 year old prime sloot. all thanks to redpill. haven’t even had the victory yet but i already know it’s in the bag. let’s fucking gooooo