“yo idk how you feel but i feel like lowkey our realtionship isn’t that serious. we don’t rly get to see eachother that often because of how far i am and we can go days without texting one another or talking, like most times i feel like i’m putting in majority the effort to talk. deadass was our like 5 months last week and i don’t think u even knew lmao. idk maybe it’s j me but i feel like maybe we shouldn’t be like officially dating bc this doesnt rly seem like a realtionship tbh, but i also still wanna see you and shit obv i j feel like being an official couple doesn’t fit our vibes if that makes any sense”

Thoughts on this?

This is after she flaked in plans last weekend and I have been noticing her being a little distant recently

Is this just her trying to keep her ego in tact and keep me around while she looks for another option?

Planning on ignoring it for a day