Note - I work at a random ass temporary job that I don't care about, hopefully about to leave and find a new job that will make use of my degree.

I'll keep it concise - new girl joined (24 y/o), talked a little bit but not too often, colleagues tried to embarass me be saying "she has a boyfriend", kept talking VERY briefly on the days that I work. Fast forward to 2 months later (now), I decided to be more enthusiastic/energetic, I talk a lot to a lot of people at work, basically trying to improve my social skills whilst making time run by quicker and probably making other people's day better/quicker. Talked to the mentioned girl a bit more, gathered that she's definitely an over thinker, probably shy and slightly awkward (i guess they could be synonyms) but overall relatively down to earth. Thing is, I'm 21, literally the definition of inexperienced, body count of 0 and I'm only somewhat starting to live and go out now. We've added each other on social media from the get go and based on her profile pics from when she was 18-21, she most definitely had her share of fun (on top of that, mentions of going on a holiday to a costal city in Spain with her 'crew' (slang term in my country for a close group of friends, I didn't ask too many questions).

I'm expecting comments saying that I've got oneitis, but I'm making sure I use every opportunity I get my hands on as that was my mistake from the past. Looks wise she is still attractive, less than in her older pics but attractive nonetheless, but thinking about the body count (in general, not just her) disheartens me a fair bit if I'm being honest.

I'm still kinda gauging and testing the waters - she recently mentioned 'ex' when talking about something, could be an indicator that shes single or just somebody before current bf, whether she's receptive, hard to tell, we definitely laugh and talk and get to know each other, but typically I have to initiate from the start of the working day (which is fairly normal here as people seem to be like that, including me but I decided to change).

I don't want to escalate directly to a "lets hang out" because it may be a little awkward afterwards if I dont land a new job, but let me know what you think (overall, escalation is probably my biggest weakness).