37M seeing a girl (28F) who’s sort of… confusing. For some context, I’m financially very well off as a result of selling a successful business and now do biz consulting work. I do have a desire to start a family, esp. now I’m nearing 40. She’s clever, well educated, has a nice job as a physical therapist for the disabled and is very passionate about it. Very frugal and still using an ancient iPhone, hasn’t got Instagram or TikTok, drives an old beat up car, but recently bought a house on her own. Goes rock climbing and reads a lot of books in her sore time. We went to the same private school as teens but too many years apart so I never knew her then - so she comes from money. I’m used to mostly dating socialites and aspiring IG model types who like mostly my bulging wallet. I find these types insufferable though. Can’t have a conversation with them and I hate talking about dumb trivial bs or gossip about their social circle. At this stage I’m looking for a catch or reg flags, it’s been 2 months and nothing so far. We were at the mall yesterday getting grocery stuff, asks if she can get a swimsuit while we’re here for the pool tomorrow. I agree and think here we go, she’s going to ask for some expensive clothes. But instead we end up in a store full of high school and early college girls on her volition and she buys herself a $15 bikini. It was almost comical being there with her among all the teens and their moms. I can’t really fault her though because she looked good, but she is good looking with a face and body you could dress in a hessian sack and would still be very attractive. I don’t know know what to do with this girl - she’s so low maintenance, but she could get away with being high maintenance and having men simp over her - somewhat concerned that she’s maybe too independent and self-sufficient that she’ll do a 180 and leave suddenly if she gets some benevolent job offer helping the poor and sick in some dusty country. I’m leaning toward LTR at this stage. Anyone had much experience with these types of woman (yes I know all women are the same, but I’ve not seen any typical shit testing, money chasing, or branch swinging behaviours yet).