I had a connected flight to her city and told her I was in town for 3 hours, so she picked me up from the airport and took me downtown that evening. I complimented how beautiful her eyes looked in the sun on the way too. She took me to her favorite little area of the city and restaurant, I paid for food and parking. I basically laid out how absolutely in love with her I was over the past two years, while she’d been completely unaware, “I wish you’d told me!”even told her I had a dream about something we just did like it was deja vu. We talked about how we should definitely go hiking some time next month.

I insisted we get the food to go and grab some of those street scooters to have our first little memory, and she insisted we only get one and I ride behind and steer. The battery died and we were in her favorite area of the city with a bunch of floating lanterns hanging over head and walked through it all. We then rode back to the car because I needed to get back to the airport, but I said I could reschedule my flight. She said it wouldnt be good because her first day of class was the next day and “wouldn’t feel comfortable having me over not knowing me that well” (this was 3rd date, our first was a failed ons [whiskey dick] where she came over to my apartment after only a few texts) she was obv comfortable. She also said she wouldn’t want what happened last time to happen again,. She also brought up earlier how she ghosted me after that because she thought there was no chemistry and that I just wanted her for her body.

We head back to the airport and I hug her tight, lay my head on hers, and get out to leave. I realize I left my wallet in her car and ‘miss my flight. She comes back with my wallet and we decide I’ll just get a hotel nearby. She felt bad and said we should change the topic to quick questions. She said “whats my favorite ice cream flavor, be careful if you guess wrong you’ll never see me again” (chocolate/vanilla) I said vanilla. Wrong. I doubt it made much of a difference. When we got to the hotel I pulled her close one last time, got out and left.

Called tonight to tell her how much I enjoyed the night, no answer. I have a feeling I will never be seeing that girl ever again, and am in for a very painful lesson.