I called this girl and told her I had a connecting flight through her city and that we should hang. I’ve only met up with her 3 other times over two years (the first was a failed ons). I’ve had feelings for her over these whole two years and finally made that clear to her in this brief span of time (probably a little too strong) but I guess she thought that was cute.

Anyway, I followed her insta like a couple weeks ago and shes kept me in “requested”, this whole time. I acknowledged back then that I probably tried following her to soon in a funny way. Well, while we were tallking at a table and brought up snapchat I was like “you have one?” And she said yeah and brought out her phone so I could add her and instead of immediately adding back (like you’d usually do), she put her phone away. After our quick 3 hour layover “date” in the city (even rode the same scooter thing through the city) she still hasn’t added me back the next day on either snap or insta. Even though we planned to possibly meet up again some time next month. So what’s up here?