I’ve noticed through conversation with many types of women, especially the healed and mentally higher value women, the biggest shit test they throw your way is that question. Less healed women throw ridiculous shit tests that just get annoying and old, as they have yet to heal their trauma and are projecting it onto you.

What is a great response to this test though? I usually go cocky funny but that doesn’t vibe with the kind of woman that won’t shit test just to shit test.

I struggle with knowing exactly how serious to take that question, not that I would just ramble on about what I’m doing later anyway.

Sometimes this one woman asks me REPEATEDLY in a matter of a few minutes, like right after I’ve blatantly answered it. I’ll just repeat myself and stay general, but sometimes it seems she wants me to invite her to something or lead in a specific direction.

Ive been on a healing path, and to this day see trp principles stay true of course, however ive become DRASTICALLY more aware of and more picky of what women I talk to and bring into my life.

This has lead me to a place where I don’t get the same basic stupid shit tests I used to get, as I don’t even bother with most women like that. Now they’re harder to detect of course and really just about “How much information will you tell me about your day/plans or how serious are you taking me?” Kind of stuff.

Anyone have similar experiences or get that question A LOT?