Are these shit tests? she says, "I love you and you don't say anything"; another "I know the magic you had for me is over" - I reply "dear I didn't see your message". She "I know you never see". She "I think the magic is over for me" I replied "hmmm". She "it's true, that's what I think". I respond with a smile crying laughing. She "don't laugh". She "the problem is that I love you, and you like me as a friend, and I really like you"

Another thing, this was said two days ago, after we had been on vacation together at the beach for two weeks. We live in different cities, two hours away. I usually stay at her house on weekends, or she comes to mine. Another thing, whenever, or almost whenever I leave her house after the weekend, she finds excuses for us to get angry. I once told him, because you're making things up, it seems you're trying to find excuses to get angry, to make you feel less guilty?!".