Happy to help clarify any aspects of TRP that are unclear, post your questions on this forum, and tag me if you'd like my input.

Before you post:

  • Don't lie to us in your question! If this is the only girl you are seeing, say so. Don't tell us about "my plate" when the reality is you spend every night cuddling your one-itis. If you moved in with her a week ago, say so. If you're fucking a girl from work, admit this in your post.

  • Be ready to hear the truth. You might not like it and it might hurt. Even worse: you might have to take action that you find uncomfortable.

  • If you are living with a girl long term, you're married, you have kids, the HR department at work are involved or the police are involved - there probably isn't much we can do to help. We can't protect you from the real world consequences of your actions. We'll try, but there is only so much we can do at this point.

  • Please don't ask how you can use TRP to further BP goals. "How can I use TRP to find the perfect wife" is a fundamental misunderstanding of women, society, the law and yourself.

  • State your question in the title. "Advice needed" is dumb because we know that advice is needed, that's why it's called AskTRP. Put your question/problem in your title so that people who can help will see it.

From the Rule Zero link

  • To make a new post: You are a man who wants to improve your own control over your life, mostly your sex life.

  • To comment on a post: You want to help men achieve that goal.

From the Rules of AskTRP link

  • Posts must be requests for advice OR clarification
  • Advice must come from a Red Pill perspective
  • Do not insult or harass members; respect the EC tag
  • Address the community properly

Here's a quick tip to avoid the ban hammer: if your post sounds like "I disagree, I'm not sure that X applies": fine. If your post sounds like "YOU ARE RETARDED", you will be removed in order to benefit everyone else.

And also.... bear in mind the fundamentals! There's a good chance your problem is fairly common, and standard TRP fundamentals apply:

  • Lift. Lifting makes you stronger, more attractive, better focused and happier.

  • Exercise. You need to be fit to have the energy to deal with life.

  • Keep your bodyfat low, ideally around 10%. If you are overweight, getting slim is the single fastest biggest improvement you can make to your dating life. Skinny is more attractive than fat.

  • Online Dating: If it works for you then great. It works for physically attractive men with chiseled jawlines and visible abs. If it is not working for you then ditch it. Don't ask questions like "what's the best online opener" and "why am I not getting matches". If it's not working for you, go find the 90% of women that are not on Tinder.

  • If your question is about "this one special girl", you are doing this wrong. Dealing with women requires an abundance mentality. Only got one girl replying to you? This is your fault for not finding more girls.

  • "How long should I wait before seeing her again?". The absolute best mentality here is not to see the same girl twice in a row. I know that's not always possible, but if you can manage this you'll find it solves 99% of your dating problems. Even TRYING to do this will clear up most of your dating problems.

  • Should I wait for her to..... No. You don't wait, you're a man. Send her a message and then go out and find more options for yourself.

  • Marriage is always a bad idea for a man. Even for having children. Especially for having children. It motivates the woman to leave you (by paying her to do so), it confers zero legal or social obligations on her, it is a future financial support contract for her at your expense REGARDLESS OF HER ACTIONS. Marriage legally cements your status as a beta provider. This makes you less attractive because you lose control over your life. You lose the right to withdraw your financial commitment (the courts will mandate you pay). You get a few happy years and then you will be paying for your wife to fuck someone else. Don't hamster "sometimes women pay alimony too", this is not true in 97% of cases and only applies if you marry a CEO while staying unemployed for the duration of your marriage. Good luck with that.

Some Handy Links

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How to break up with a LTR: https://www.trp.red/p/mattyanon/1034

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