I was at the gym yesterday, I decided to use one of the cable machines. The cable machine i decided to use was the only one available. Bitch was using one of the cable machines next to me. I was not looking at her or anything.

Bitch glares at me and says "excuse me, could you please just walk around and come back in 10 minutes once I've completed my exercise". I politely say no. Bitch starts raising her voice at me and causing a scene saying "I WAS HERE FIRST!! YOU ARE MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE !!!! YOU DIDNT ASK ME FOR PERMISSION TO USE THE MACHINE !!!! I AM UNCOMFORTABLE AROUND YOU !! I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!". Everyone at the gym is looking at us at this point. I say to her "no im going to stay right here, if you don't like it go use another machine".

Bitch then carries on with her exercise, when she sees that I wont budge, she moves to another machine.

What the fuck is wrong with all the entitled fucking princesses everywhere I go. Its like I constantly run into them. I dont hit on them, or do anything. Its always the fucking average or below average girls too. Fucking fatties and plain Janes. Ffs man.