Went my whole life without ever having sex or a gf of any kind. Was always told I was good looking and funny but I just never tried pursuing women. I’m the quiet type and just kind of thought they’d come to me I guess.

Started looking up ways to finally make something happen and I stumbled upon this subreddit. Of all the different methods I’ve read up on, trp just seemed to be the most real and in tune with what’s going on in real life. Most of the things I read here I will actually go out and see it in everyday life. After about 2 years of lurking here and watching RP minded coaches on YouTube I finally started attracting lots of women, however last night it actually went down!

We met at like 10pm and by 12am I was already in a hotel banging her. Not to mention she bought us the room. When we got in bed she started throwing these weak shit tests like “I don’t just sleep with strangers” or “I need to drink a little more before I’m comfortable”. I just kept deflecting everything she threw at me and proceeded to touch where I wanted. After I sucked her nipples and rubbed her ass for a few minutes she was ready to go. I was hella surprised because I lasted for hours and was actually pounding the crap out of her. Her moans and the helpless look on her face motivated me to just really pound her as hard as I could. She didn’t have the slightest clue I was a virgin either. I just acted like I’ve done this a thousand times. Also I was really just trying all the crap I’ve seen in porn but she was in pure bliss. For some reason though, I couldn’t cum. I was hella turned on and hard as hell the entire time but it wouldn’t happen. I didn’t realize how tiring sex is either. If it wasn’t so physically demanding I would of just kept on going. Finally at like 4am I check the time and tell her I have to go to work in a couple hours. We wrap it up and I take her to her house where she finally gives me her name and number.

Anyway I have to give a huge thanks to this subreddit. I was starting to think something was wrong with me but I just didn’t have any real knowledge on how women think and work. Good luck to everyone who’s still on that mission to lose their virginity and for those that are deep in the game don’t change up! The knowledge given here is absolutely life changing!