Dear Michael,

I’m sure you know who this is.

My sister and you broke up last week, all good, it is what it is, none of my business, I get it. You do you.

For the love of god, please stop embarrassing yourself by sending her links to some of the posts here.

She changed her phone number on Tuesday; our mom has that number now and I had to spend a good 30 minutes explaining to my 62 year old mother what a “plate” is.

I hope you come out of this stronger than you’ve ever been, but please, just stop man.

@Others: I tried to reach out to him via phone, text, WhatsApp, he won’t answer. This is the only way I could get my point across. His real number is blocked, I believe he uses some type of online messaging service that sends every message under a new number.

@Mods: Can’t hold it against you for deleting this, I know…it’s a shit post. Having said that, if there’s any way for you to keep this post alive at least for 1 day, that would be awesome. I’m hoping he sees this today some time.