The first two years were pure honeymoon. Then we moved in together, which was also great. In the end, we decided to move apart due to some reasons, but it didn't hurt the relationship in my opinion. She was still the same girl I met during our honeymoon phase.

After a couple of months, she felt unappreciated and wanted me to show her more that I love her. Just the usual stuff I thought. We had 1-2 conversations about it, they went calm and good and the relationship went on.

A couple of months later I was very busy and had less time for her. During this time, I noticed that her interest slowly began to decrease.

Yesterday, after a couple glasses of wine, we talked about it. Both of us are not happy the way our relationship is at the moment. We decided to give it a few days to think about breaking up or working on it. It's not the first time I'm thinking about breaking up, but the reasons are always concerning stupid things she does or does not, not her as a person. By that I mean that she drinks too much, is messy and consumes 3+ hours of social media a day. 3.5 years is a long time, and I invested a lot, which makes it really hard to actually break up.

This text does not contain much detail. I know this sounds like an immediate break up situation, because I did not include all the positive aspects of this relationship apart from sex. There are many, which is why my personal preferance would be to implement RP strategies in order to make a comeback and turn the relationship better. I am not sure however, if I already missed the bus.