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A few days ago, I approached a woman who was stocking shelves at the market I go to. It’s a small place that’s usually somewhat crowded but the seas parted between her and I and I felt like I had to make a move. It was like the universe was willing me to her position. I had a basic idea of what I wanted to say as I had been waiting for a chance to speak to her. She was facing the opposite direction from me. I grabbed something from the wall she was filling, some baby spinach, and I said “hey.” I waited for her to turn around, it was a few seconds, and she responded with “hey.” I said “I always see you when I come here and I felt like it’d be nice if I said something. My name is .” She responded with, “my name’s .” I then said, “Nice to meet you. I’ll see you around again hopefully” or something like that. She said something in response but I was so nerve racked and tense that I blocked it out of my head, did a 180, dumped the baby spinach container and my leftover spaghetti into the cart, and headed for the register. The situation was robotic, both her in a customer service tone of voice and me reciting lines.

That was the first time I’ve ever done anything like that in my life. I need some words of encouragement and some idea of what to say next. I don't care so much about hindsight right now. I’m going to go back within the next couple days and she'll likely be there; she always is. My overall plan was to go there because I actually do shop there but also say hi a few individual times, and then go for her number after she's warmed up to me - probably late next week. That's was my plan because she works there and has to respond to me so it's kind of cheap and maybe even rude. Should I keep it up or go for the number now?