I live in a dorm with other people on my stage. And there is a girl on my stage who kinda likes me and a guy who really needs this girl for whatever reason. Why needs? Because to me seems like this guy is so selfish that he acts on the need only. But the issue is that the guy is professional at pretending to be someone else and he is also very good at testing other people and knowing their boundaries. So the problem is that he is so good at talking and the girl is so emotional that he made the girl believe that everybody around her is very Beta except him. The way he did it, he made everybody look weird to her by implanting ideas to each person such as he is "nice guy" the other guy is "girly" and so on. He is doing it at the moment while people are eating and so on and she is next to him. Nobody seems to be noticing, because these signs are very subtle.

The thing I want to do is to keep the girl around and not let him get her. I fucked up a bit by failing some shittest that I did not recognize at first. I actually want the girl to myself but I am not sure if I have a chance. How do I not let the guy not implant those ideas about me and not get the girl? How to actually deal with situations like this?

Currently, I am in my room focused on the studies. So not going out much to the kitchen, also he doesn't know that I know that he is selfish.

The personality of the girl: very naive and very emotional The personality of the guy: Inhumanely selfish and he is able to pretend somebody else