Hey everybody. I was looking for manly fashion style and in my opinion fashion today is very gay and anti-masculine (reference: https://www.gucci.com/us/en/pr/men/ready-to-wear-for-men/shirts-for-men/bowling-shirts-for-men/ken-scott-print-silk-bowling-shirt-p-649832ZAGAK5337)

The only style I can seem to like is some rugged, minimal style. That is, plain t-shirt, jeans and some boots (60s-90s rugged style). No designer clothes and peacocking stuff, although I think it can be worn if that's what YOU want to wear. My hate for designer clothes stems from the fact that that style is mass-advertised by the music industry and in my mind anyone wearing some gucci is shit is a kid trying to look cool. Although, that's purely my opinion.

I was looking for manly clothing style, think of Clint Eastwood, Tom Ford, Daniel Craig, Joe Pesci, De Niro, James Dean, you get the idea.

Does anyone have some advice? Any good websites where to browse and buy those clothing/styles?

H&M and those shops sell feminized clothing for men and I seriously start wondering what the fuck is happening to fashion and society in general.