I fucked her in the car first date after couple hours, amazing sex, before her i had a virgin (i was his first dick ever) plate but was boring so left her for this blonde 20 years old nympho.

My problem is she is in love with me and said she sees me as her future husband ecc. I know she is a hoe n count says it's 8 (don't believe that much), had 2 LTR when she was fat and lost weight 1 year ago since then had FWB and ONS, fucked a virgin just before me like i did lol. She even has a replacement buddy if i left her and sended him sexual memes sometimes, deleted the chats but i found out it looking through her phone and she lied 2 times on them before telling me that she wrote to this old FWB guy just in replacement for me in case i leave her. She never cheated because i know i am more valuable then them and she knows too, also 5 days a week was at my home we almost live togheter. She is insicure and needs a lot of attentions, when she was young her dad was absent in the army, but now he is retired and is always at home. That are the red flags.

So where i live in italy there is lockdown we can't go out much are bars restaurants are closed gyms too and I can't pick up girls because i don't see them around more unluckily, where I live tinder is not so popular so there are not a lot of girls on it if not at 1 hour by car and we can't leave cities due to covid. What should I do? I feel that i am starting to get too feelings to her but can't break with her cause I need that dose of pussie and she gives me money for weed too, i'm so BP now, usually for me it's easy to break with hoes, but I feel connected with this girl she is the only girl that made me laugh for real ,great sence of humor, she does really good cakes and biscuits, cleans the dishes when stays more days at my place, she loves me more than everything, she stayed near me and helped me when i had some really hard life time, she was always for me, never had an argument except for the fact he lied on the chats now he blocked any guy he had an affair with and is concentrated to me. These are the green flags.

TL;DR i'm here just asking if a girl who rode the CC can be LTR material if she has enough green flags? I know it's my choice but if you found your perfect girl and she loves you also, only the fact that is a hoe, you would try give her a chance in a LTR or not? I did and now have fear to catch strong feelings and get burnt.

Sorry for the long story needed to write it somwhere and found this today. I accept any critics i'm here to improve.