Question: Do you want your plates to fully commit into you, only, such that they don't have any other sex-partner?

Clarification: "want" means that you want this happen in your heart: you will be happier if she, by herself, decide to commit to you. It does not mean that you will directly ask her to be committed or you will actively do something to make her committed.


Background info: here are a few facts from TRP:

-Most women need both an alpha genetic provider and a beta material provider, if possible.

-Most women spin plates.

-Women will not lie to alphas about her plates. However, woman will try to hide their plates from being discovered by beta.

-When a woman trying to transform an alpha into a beta, one of the first things she does is to stop his plates from spinning.

Say that you are learning the alpha lifestyles. For example, you have a few friends with benefits and few exes who are still in love with you. They are still spinning plates and make those plates open to you. Will you try stop her from spinning plates?

On the one hand, stopping her plates is a big sign of betaness, as I learnt from a few sources. It implies that you are not confident enough. In fact, a few RP guys I know confess that they would be happier if their plates have their beta-provider.

On the other hand, nearly all male wants his partners to be exclusive to him due to parental uncertainty. Additionally, stopping the spin is a game that woman also play, and this game does work to hook the partner longer.


PS: the original question was posted on exredpill

I was only asking a question based on third-party information without my opinion. However, one comment below with abusive language received the highest amount of upvotes. I ask the commenter a question using the politest language, but my polite question later received downvotes rather than an answer. I don't understand what happened to that community.