i'm almost 16. Next month as a matter of fact. I'm or have been a huge simp until now and loser in general, and i need some advice. So here goes:

as a preface i live in eastern europe, if it makes any difference.

Looks wise i am not the worst and not the best. i am 184 cm tall, good weight(around 80 kg, not a ton of muscle but not a ton of fat either, i am on the more defined side than the average guy in my class, but there is some fat on my legs and lower stomach specifically(which i really need to lose if i want to actually look better and be able to run more than a few minutes without barely being able to breathe).

My face is not really that attractive but not bad either, maybe a 6? or a 7 on a good day. I'm actually able to already grow some stubble so that's kinda cool but unless i shave daily i look like a bum( not long enough to actually connect the sideburns to the goatee so that kinda fucks it up ) One of my big flaws looks-wise would be my posture ( typical nerd posture, also some scoliosis i think, i remember being diagnosed with it a few years back) and my teeth. HOLY SHIT my teeth are garbage. i have a pretty large overbite and a few teeth in the front are crooked as hell ( actually getting braces tomorrow, doc says they'll last for a year or 2.

My hair looks decent once i actually style it i think but what do i know about hair.

With girls i'm awful honestly. The most experience i can remember is simping for 3 girls. 2 a few years back and one last year. The one last year i actually mustered up the courage to ask her out, turned down, maybe she smelled i was a loser or i mistook her kindness for attraction who knows. Other two i can remember( not ones i simped for, others) i remember a girl asking me out last year, a 7 i would say, decently pretty blonde blue-eyed. I just literally froze and walked away. My simp mentality fucked me over bad. Another one i remember was basically simping over me for 3 years, we barely got to see each other (once or twice a year type) but that girl was fucking nuts. One of those "witchesvspatriarchy" type broads in the making if i were to take a bet. Probably HS slut too.

I want the typical white picket fence 2 kids and dog kinda deal but that looks more and more impossible. Hookup culture and the like fucking disgust me but seem unavoidable. Hell i know a girl who on the first fucking day of class this year, before the lockdowns (she's still 15, maybe 16) got a "School tour" from the chad of the class. (she was a new student) Pretty sure he was also fucking the one i simped over and turned me down last year( not sure, i dont know)

I also hate the way most of my classmates behave, smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish at 16-17. Hell when physical school was a thing they smoked so much that cops had cars permanently in the HS driveway just to catch them. Now given the situation of said hs i'm obviously trying to move out(this one as i said is not really the most harvard-esque of places) but it also doesen't fit me. It's heavily focused on maths and physics and i can barely do those at a 6th grade level. JUST barely.

Currently trying to get over porn(And failing), and i'm not really too addicted to video games, but to the internet in general yeah it's pretty bad

Not really that social, some may even call me antisocial, with some anxiety. i do go to the gym sometimes(haven't gone much in the past week) and i can keep a diet for a week at most. (gotta lose that extra fat before i worry about muscle is the way i see it, what good is being big if i can't run a mile without dying)

My sleeping schedule is decent i would say, sometimes fucked though. I've been trying a new routine: wake up at 4-5, do a little home-workout, shower all that shit, then breakfast and i'm done with all of that by the time it's 6 30. (online classes usually start at 7 so) And this works all right but sometimes( like today) i simply go to bed and even happen to miss my first class

i have a classic and electric guitar too, which i am total garbage at but hey i figured they would be a fun hobby. Now they're kinda collecting dust, it's demoralizing to see how good others are while i am well...me.

So, yea.. any advice would be appriciated.