Red pill Redditors, I seek your advice! I am from Canada, I have a very bad porn addiction, and I was told about this rehab clinic in Toronto:

I would describe myself as "Red Pill Aware". My concern is that if I share this with a therapist, that those beliefs would automatically be labeled as "toxic", "sexist" etc. Especially with the APA and their stance on "Toxic Masculinity", although Canada is another country, I fear that this clinic has a similar stance. 

I do have issues with resenting women, but I can objectively see the behavioral differences in men and women, different sexual strategies, women being generally more emotional etc. 

I guess I'm just worried about wasting tens of thousands of dollars to go to a clinic where they will tell me men and women are blank slate equals, we're all basically the same, and all the other "woke", politically correct, feminist BS. Do you think it's worth it to go there or no?