First of all, I lift five times a week. I am 23 Male.

My whole life I've grown up with the mentality that it's wrong to act sexual around girls. Around my guy friends it's not a problem and I'm usually cracking sexual jokes all the time but around women it's the total opposite. Women tell me that I'm a really confident guy, but I'm at the point where I realize I'm way too respectful. I joke around a lot but never go into sexual stuff with girls. I was raised in a family where sex was never talked about, hell I'm not even sure how my parents conceived me. No touching/kissing/hugging at all. Whenever I see couples making out in public, I get this weird feeling where I feel like something is a little wrong, but I know that's just my fucked up way of thinking that I've been conditioned in to. For example, when my friends talks about sexual things that their friends or gfs done , I felt weird and there is a thought in my mind all the time " how she can do that, she looks innocent" . I know in my redpill journey I have conquered a lot of my problems but I cant over this one yet.

The part in the book of Pook that talks about owning your sexuality hit me hard but I just dont know how to own it, how to act on it. I am not a virgin, I had sex 10 or 15 women but this shit is still haunting me and I believe it is my core impediment to success with girls.

Besides this I'm pretty comfortable with who I am, really good at making friends, and pretty happy with all other aspects of my life except financial side. This sexuality is just making me frustrated.