So example.

At work theres is a guy who works there a couple months longer than me. The boss didnt want to introduce me to the work so this guy was explaining to me most of the work. I was grateful and expressed my thanks with words and an item.

Now however he keeps throwing comments that are, like condensending, as if he was a boss in the company and above me, not an equal worker like me. He comments from above if I make less parts than the norm and if I make mistakes - completly out of line and none of his business. Also he uses such mannerisms and tones like parents would use to shame you - its ridiculous.

Now heavier example.

I was out going to a club and run into some friends. I made a weird face towards passing girls and this fucker from the other friend group taps me on the shoulder and says: "Behave like a man dude.". I replied with "hey thats why I got u", smoothing it over to keep social harmony but it bothered me like hell I got such a low disgusting feeling in my stomach.

Whats the problem you ask?

How do I deal with these people who use logic and social norms to pressure and manipulate me?

How do I fight for my freedom against these scumbags when society and logic side with them?